LADS aims to provide a proactive approach to tackling social issues, mental health & wellbeing alongside practical interventions for men and boys of all ages. The LADS project is a long-term initiative for West Yorkshire, set up with Men and Boys at its heart with a focus on ethnic minority communities including faith communities, marginalised communities, intersectionality, socially and economically disadvantaged communities. Our focus is on Intervention and prevention. The project is a co-production and co-design model of service delivery. LADS aims to work in partnership and have a coordinated approach to service design. We will build on these partnerships and collaborate to ensure the services we provide continually meets our clients’ needs. We will develop Prevention and Intervention programs that fit with the communities we serve. We will do this by involving the community through our member’s groups alongside community cohesion work. We aim to work with and alongside mens groups and women’s groups to end VAWG and VAM&B’s, ensuring we support men from diverse Muslim communities and ethnic minority backgrounds to ensure the wider vision of ending VAM&B and VAWG is reachable.


We are a community interest company that incorporates social enterprise and social innovation. Our directors bring with them many years of experience in community work, management, service development, drugs interventions, domestic and sexual violence support, training, health and fitness plans, life skills, martial arts, personal training, and mental health support.


Our member’s group provides the opportunity for men and boys from the local community to feed into the project.

The Members provide feedback and ideas for the directors to take forward. Members can also be volunteers and may want to get involved with activities.


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Social Innovation and social enterprise- what does it mean

Social innovation is the process of developing and deploying effective solutions to challenging and often systemic social and environmental issues in support of social progress. Social innovations are new ideas that meet social needs, create social relationships and form new collaborations. These innovations can be products, services or models addressing unmet needs more effectively. A social enterprise has specific social objectives that serve its primary purpose. Our objective is to tackle issues in west Yorkshire which include but are not limited to mental health and wellbeing ,suicide prevention, men/boys and parenting, engagement of young men/boys and elders in communities (what can we learn from each other) heritage and self-identity, aggression and feelings, VAM&B’s and VAWG.